Why Everyone Should Stay in a Hostel at Least Once

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel Accommodation – Hostels have a bit of a bad reputation. Long seen as the domain of dirty backpackers and drunk gap year students, it’s rare to see someone over the age of 30 checking into a hostel. But these older travelers are missing out.

They’re Cheap

If you’re looking to save money on your vacation, the easiest way to do so is via your accommodation. Used to spending $300 a night on a hotel in London? Did you know there are hostels available for $30 a night? In Thailand, you can find $1 a night dorm rooms, so you can spend the rest of your trip spending money on trekking and temple-ing.

Apart from Couch surfing, hostels are the cheapest way to travel the world. Choose your next vacation spot and compare the prices of where you’d usually stay to the hostels available on online. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save.

They’re Sociable

Hostel life is all about socializing. 95% of hostels have common rooms, and they’re fantastic places for meeting people

Hang out in any common room for several minutes and you’ll find yourself with someone to chat to.

If there isn’t a common room, then dorm rooms are also great for meeting people. When you’re sharing a room with 3+ other people, you’re going to find lots to chat about. Whether it’s going out for a meal or drink, taking a tour together, or just sitting in bed and talking about your travels, it’s near-impossible to spend time in a hostel and not meet anyone!

They’re Challenging

And in a good way.

One of the best aspects of travel is getting to leave your comfort zone and experience new things. Staying in a hostel is the perfect way to ease yourself into it. If you’ve never stayed in one before, then the idea of sleeping in a room with seven strangers is probably quite daunting. Challenge yourself and your ideals and experience something you wouldn’t at home.

And if you want to go to the extreme, book yourself into one of Western Europe’s infamous 20 bed dorms for a night!

They’re Unique

If you’ve stayed in many four or five star hotels, you’ll know that they’re all pretty similar. They have the same amenities, and the same level of customer service, and the same prices. Hostels are different.

You can find party hostels and flashpacking hostels. You can stay in hostels for surfers, or hostels for adventure sports. Each hostel offers something unique for its guests, and it’s much more interesting than a typical resort stay.

They’re Safe

Safety is a big concern of most people who haven’t stayed in a hostel before, but you don’t have to panic. Hostels are actually incredibly safe. Dorm rooms have lockers for you to store your backpack, so you can make sure your belongings are safe.

They Have Helpful Staff

When you check in to a hostel, a member of staff will typically give you a free map, show you your location and circle points of interest around the area. They’ll be able to arrange excursions and onward travel tickets for you. They’ll give you advice on cheap things to do, and where to eat, and what to see. I’ve never experienced staff in a hotel doing the same.

They Even Have Private Rooms

If you need your privacy when traveling, hostels have plenty of private rooms you can stay in. You’ll receive all the benefits mentioned above, but with a good night’s sleep thrown in, too.